Occupational Therapy

It’s a field that works to assess and intervene in the lives of individuals to develop, recover and conduct activities or occupations across all age groups.

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Assessment is the process to provide valuable formal and informal structure to evaluate the issue of the patient


Counseling provides patients the opportunity to share their views, be heard and gain new perspectives on their situation and experiences


Depending on the type of disorder or disability of the patient in the assessment and counseling stage, we design a complete treatment plan.

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How Occupational Therapy helps kids

A child with autism might need OT due to sensory issues like touch or sound sensitivity.

OT also helps children with poor handwriting.

OT is helpful for toilet or self-feeding training of children as well.

Some children might have issues with fine motor skills which affect their ability to handle small objects.

Occupational therapy focuses on body functions and the ability to do basic things independently.

It can help children with special needs to participate in social situations independently with confidence.